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Ritual, Prayer & Conjure Services

I offer three types of magickal workings for my clients -- full rituals, prayer services, and spirit conjurations. If you're new to working with these services, and you aren't sure what you need, start by reading the information provided here. (You always get a little teaching with your magick around here.)

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Ritual Services FAQ

What do you mean by “ritual?”
A magical ritual or “working” follows a format or “formula.” It includes a combination of words, actions, tools, 
and supplies that all support the intention or the goal. A spell is a type of ritual, and it is usually a fairly simple 
one. The working I do for you may be simple or it may be complex, depending on what is required.

The ritual I perform on your behalf will include (at least) a purification of the space and the physical items utilized, 
a consecration and blessing of your talisman, an invocation of the appropriate magical forces, a raising and 
releasing of energy toward your goal, a sacrifice to balance the scales, and a release of the magical space.

What do you mean by "prayer service?”
Most folks are familiar with the concept of prayer on some level. A prayer is a petition to a Power (deity, spirit,
saint, etc). I have intense and personal relationships (even partnerships) with the Powers to whom I will pray on
your behalf. I put a great deal of energy into maintaining those relationships.

In the prayer service I will undertake for you, I will petition those Powers to intervene on your behalf to help you
with your situation. These services usually involve a lamp-lighting, offerings, and anywhere from one to seven days
of focused devotional practice.

What do you mean by "Spirit Conjuration?”
Conjuring a Spirit means calling that Spirit into contact and communication with a Spirit-Worker (or Spirit-Keeper, as
some people say). I have very particular views about this relationship that are not common among the conjurers you
typically find online these days. I believe that the relationship between Spirit and Keeper should be mutual. That
relationship might be romantic, platonic, or even very business-like, depending on your needs and the Spirit's
preferences. I will not "bind" a Spirit to you in the sense of forcing them to stay. What I do is more match-maker
than slave-trader, thank you very much.

The conjuratioin I perform on your behalf will include (at least) a purification of the space and the physical items
a consecration and blessing of your spirit vessel, an evocation of the appropriate magical forces,
a sacrifice to balance the scales, and a release of the magical space.

ALL MAGIC REQUIRES SACRIFICE. You must give to get. What is given is taken, and vice versa. Neither you 
nor I get away from that need for sacrifice. We both pay something, and YOU have to be involved in the magic in 
order for it to work for you. I will always perform a Stone Bowl Divination prior to performing ANY act of magic for 
a client in order to determine what my own level of sacrifice might be regarding the ritual at hand. If the price is 
too high for me, I respectfully reserve the right to cancel the transaction and refund your money in full. Some 
magic is simply not worth the price, after all. Furthermore, I will do this reading for you as well, so that you can 
decide for yourself whether you wish to proceed.

Why do I perform magick for other people?
Doing this work (and charging money for it) is considered fairly controversial in certain groups. Yes, there are 
plenty of people on the Internet who are doing witchcraft for money. But most of those people aren’t really 
considered reputable members of the Craft community. (Some of them ARE very reputable members of the
Afro-Disapora religious communities, though, so definitely do your research. Afro-Diaspora religious and cultural
practices have some different ethical considerations than European-based traditions. Since I'm mostly Euro in my
ancestry, I tend to be mostly Euro in my magickal practices. BUT, just like my DNA reflects some pretty diverse
heritage, so does my Craft. What I use -- from any culture -- I use respectfully and with the guidance of my own
ancestors and Spirits.)

Modern witches and ceremonial magicians especially 
frown on charging money for magick. I’m a well-respected 
member of both of those communities, and I risk my reputation in them by 
performing magic as a billable service for
the public.

So why do I? Well, I believe it is the ancient work and realm of the Witch to perform magic and rituals on behalf 
of those in her village. We live in a global village these days, so I consider the world my community. And I charge 
because there is always an energetic exchange in magic and also because the Craft is not just my religion, it is 
my profession. It is how I feed my family and pay the electric bill.

I take my practice very seriously, and I have full faith in the work I do. This is a sincere practice for me, although 
I recognize it as unconventional within the world of modern witchcraft to offer these services for a price.

Nobody can guarantee results for magical work. Anyone who does is a fraud. I believe in the work I do, but I 
understand its limits, and so should you. Magic is the act of creating change in accordance with your Will. It is 
YOUR Will and your change that are being effected here. All I am doing is setting up the most favorable 
circumstances for that change to happen. I believe very strongly in my ability to set up those circumstances. If you 
want to learn to do this type of work for yourself, you can. 

Or, as most practitioners say: These listings are “Curio only.”


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