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Custom Spirit Conjuration

One of the things that Witches are best known for is their work with spirits. Witches and sorcerers from our earliest drawings and writings regarding the mystical, metaphysical world have conjured spirits of all sorts of spirits – the Dead, demons, angels, djinn, land spirits, and so many other types. The practice of traditional witchcraft is intimately linked to spirit conjuration.

I believe that every person has a group of spirits that look out for them. I think of them as your Spirit Tribe or Family. They care for you, guide you, guard you, teach you, and heal you. You can call them familiars or spirit guides or any other term you like. The fact remains that we all have friends, lovers, and teammates in the Unseen World.


Not everyone is easily able to recognize and communicate with their spirits, though. They yearn for communication and contact. They sense the protective guardianship, perhaps; but they don’t know how to proceed. This is where a Witch can help!


I consider myself a “match-maker” of sorts. I help embodied people come into closer relationship with disembodied people. I am a talented medium and psychic-intuitive, and I have done this work on- and off-line for a number of years. Usually, what I find is that a client will come to me, curious about a type of spirit, often having a full description already in mind. Nine times out of ten, they are sensing the presence of a spirit that is already near them. Often, the spirit has been hanging around for some time trying to get that client’s attention.


The Process

When I do a conjure for you, the process will look generally like this:

  1. You will complete the questionnaire that is a download attached to this listing. It asks for basic information like your name and birthday (or astrological information, if you prefer), the type of spirit you’re interested in, as well as a description of what you would like in a spirit companion. Don’t be embarrassed with this. I have seen and heard it all. I know of many people with spirit lovers and spirit children, as well as knowing plenty of people who have a much more business-like relationship with the spirits in their lives. (You can also email me at with the above information to see if I get a “hit” from a spirit that meets your needs. I am happy to check before you even send money.)
  2. I will open myself up in a trance-like state to see if I can find the spirit you seek. If I can’t, I will refund your money in full. If I can, we proceed.
  3. Based on your needs, the guidance of my own familiar spirits, and my intuition, I will choose a day and time to perform your conjure work. When I do that work, I will take notes during and after my ritual.
  4. I will then type up my notes as a report, giving you the name, full description, talents/interests, preferred communication, and desired payment/feeding of the spirit. I will send this to you via email and via postal mail, along with a talisman that can act as a vessel for your spirit.
  5. I also send along a couple of pamphlets about the care and keeping of spirits and the truth about conjuration.



After quite a lot of experimentation with vessels for this sort of work, I have decided to offer only hand-crafted talismans that are inspired by the conjuration and the spirit’s wishes. Consider this a starter home for your spirit. What I send you will have already been approved by the spirit, but you can always offer him/her another vessel that speaks to your needs and preferences. Some people like rings, pendants, and other jewelry. I tend to prefer a birdhouse, jar, or bottle for mine.

What you need to understand is that the Spirit is not “bound” to the vessel. They enjoy having a physical vessel, just as they enjoy the physicality of having a body for a time; but they are able to leave and move around, just like you are able to leave your own house.


What I won’t do …

A great many sorcerers and magicians these days are all too willing to threaten and coerce Spirits into compliance. This is part of their magical worldview that says Spirits are either an extension of the human psyche OR that Spirits are lesser beings intended to serve mankind. I don’t buy into either of those philosophies. I believe that all beings are spiritual beings. Humans just happen to have a physical body.


The relationships I help foster between my clients and their Spirits are based on mutual love, respect, and benefit. I will not bind a Spirit to you, in the sense of making them stay with you. I will not threaten or coerce a nasty-tempered Spirit into doing what you want. I will only call for a Spirit who would be a good fit for you and who chooses the relationship you are seeking.


What to Expect

Your experience of the Spirit may vary in some ways from what I describe in the report I send to you. It is absolutely normal for a Spirit to look a little different to you than it does to me. You may feel them in more subtle ways – or possibly more obvious and intense ways than I describe.

$50 This service is completed in 1-14 days.

Type of Spirit:


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