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Coaching with overview
Q: Why do you offer Individualized Coaching/Teaching Services, Laurelei? And what makes you

I am called to teach. That is my work in this lifetime; maybe in all my lifetimes. 
I was once a high
English and drama teacher, and now I find myself  teaching through public speaking
engagements, my writing, and my coaching business. I've been out here doing it for about 25 years.

My greatest desire is to lead an authentic, meaningful, and passionate life and to help others do the
same. I believe that the principles of metaphysics (including the Law of Attraction, the Old Religion,
magic, sacred sexuality, shamanism and more) are inherently tied to these goals, for me and for my

Q: What can sessions like these do for a client? What's the benefit?
In addition to teaching straight-up Cunning Craft to seekers on the Crooked Path, I also help my clients:
  •          Find their soul's purpose (their Great Work),
  •          Untangle and decode the symbols in their personal myths,
  •          Manifest wealth and abundance,
  •          Find their soul’s mate(s),
  •          Implement new magical techniques and information,
  • Access intuition and activate spiritual gifts,
  • Midwife life transitions and create simple ceremonies to honor the Sacred Pauses,
  •          Enrich romantic and intimate partnerships,
  • Uncover hidden "health traps" in the mind-body-spirit connection,
  •          Create room for holistic healing

Does it sound super cheesy to say "And so much more?" The stars are the limit here, folks.
I can help
you achieve the goals that are important to you, whatever they 
are. Together, I believe that we
really can!

Q: What will our sessions look like?
Our monthly sessions will include traditional coaching techniques, blended with divination, magic,
meditation, ceremony, and symbol exploration.  They will be customized to you and your needs, so YOUR
session with me will be different than another client's.

Q: How do I know if this is a good fit before signing up for a 3-month commitment?
Keep reading through the FAQ (just to be sure), and then send me an email asking for your consultation.  

Our initial 15-minute Skype/Google chat is free of charge and comes with no obligation to continue a
coaching relationship.We will get to know each other and determine if a 
coaching relationship will help
you achieve your goal(s).

I'll send you a worksheet prior to our session. Please complete it and scan it (or take a picture of it)
and send it back to me at least 24 hours before our call.

Q: Will you do Tarot readings as part of our sessions?
I may or may not use psychic reading techniques as part of our first session. If I do, it is purely for
the purpose of determining the path for us to move forward. (It 
would not be an appropriate time to
ask about that new love interest, your job, or 
other queries. You can book a reading using my readings
services if you are interested in that sort of chat.)

Q: How much do you charge for coaching?
My monthly coaching fee is US $120 per month.

The coaching fee includes:
  • an hour-long 1-on-1 Skype/Google/MS call each month with me,
  • a personalized plan for reaching the goals you have set for yourself, 
  • weekly “homework” assignments and activities to help you achieve those goals, 
  • psychic reading services included within your call to support your efforts, 
  • email communications throughout the month to check-in with your progress

Q: Do you have a contract for this service? What is the obligation?
I don’t use a contract, but we will discuss a time-frame for our coaching sessions. 
We may be able
to reach your goals in a single session, or we may develop a 3-, 6-, 
or even 12-month plan. Regardless
of the plan we create, you can cancel at any time 
if you feel like you’ve reached your goals, we are
not a good fit, or your financial 
situation no longer allows it. All I ask is that you give me a heads-up
by the 1
st of the month (the day your payment for that month’s session is due). 

Q: How can I pay you?
Payments will be processed via PayPal's subscription option, unless otherwise noted/negotiated.

Q: Are you open to bartering?
Yes, maybe. If you have a skill/service/goods in mind that you would like to trade for part/all of this service,
I am open to discussing it. Tell me your thoughts on that when you contact me.

Q: What are your counseling credentials?
I'm a Witch, not a therapist. I'm here as a guide offering a lantern to light the path.

A coach/teacher/mentor (even a psychic, witchy one) is not a therapist, but more of an advisor.  My role
your life is different than a therapist or a doctor; and I am telling you 
unequivocally that I am neither of
those things.  I am here to help you reach your goals, 
and I will do that in a no-nonsense, plain-speak
sort of way. I will be gently honest with 
you at every step of the way.

Q: What if I'm dissatisfied with the results/progress?
I can’t do the work for you. You have to take responsibility for your progress. If you aren’t
interested in leaning into the work or doing the tasks that will help you develop your skills, broaden
your experience, or move you toward your goals, then I can’t help. I'm not talking
about coughing up
$5K for a Mastermind class. I'm talking about the "boots on the gound" 
practical pieces that we all have to
do to grow -- the chopping wood and carrying water. I'm
talking about taking emotional risks to face
a darkness (within or without). I can hold up the mirror or point out the Shadow, but you will
have to face it.
If you won't, then you won't see the results.

Q: I want a refund, though. Can I have one?
With this service, you are paying me for my time. If I am unable to give you time,
I will always happily refund.
However, I won't refund in 99% of cases.

Q: I have a question that you didn't answer.
Q: I'm ready to take the next step. I want the 15-minute consultation!
Excellent! Email me and ask your question -- or write "I want a mentoring consultation" in the subject. Give me some details in the body of the message, too. Just do me a favor: Make sure you have looked over this FAQ!

Free 15-minute consultation


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