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Full Ritual for Your Specific Need

Whether you're looking to bring more money into your life, enter into a romantic relationship with that special person, stop a gossip from spreading evil words about you, get a bothersome person to leave you alone, or almost anything else -- Blade & Broom can help!

Typical Needs include:
All is Fair -- courtcase, justice, balance, karma
Baby Mine -- pregnancy, conception, fertility, baby blessing
Be Gone -- GTFO, get out, hot foot, banishing
Be Still -- STFU, stop gossip, stop slander
Bless This House -- house blessing, home protection, happy family
Cash & Coin -- prosperity, money, wealth, fast cash, abundance
Domina -- domination, control, power over a situation/person
Ghost Whisperer -- communication with spirits, necromancy, ancestors
Hale & Whole -- health, healing, recovery
Heart's Ease -- peace, relief from depression/anxiety/grief, calm, balance
Lost & Found -- thingfinder, lost objects, forgotten items
Love Me -- love, sex, passion, desire, romance, come to me, follow me
Magic Man/Magic Mama -- psychism, conjuration, magickal power
Mirror Mirror -- beauty, glamoury, self-esteem, confidence
Travellin' Jones -- safe travel
Watch Over Me -- protection, fiery wall, guardian angel
Wish Me Luck -- fast luck, games of chance, good luck
OR request something that you don't see above

The Process
  1. Once you've decided to take magickal action, click on the PayPal button to engage my services. (I can do a
    free consultation via email, if you have questions before we get started. My responses will be somewhat limited,
    but I can certainly give you some solid general advice.)
  2. I will begin by getting basic information from you about your situation so that I can personalize the ritual and 
    form a connection to the working.
  3. Next, I will do a Sacrificial Stone Bowl reading, as described above, to determine the sacrifice for this magic.I 
    will consult with you before proceeding.
  4. In a ritual setting, I will consult my own familiar spirits (and yours, if they will communicate with me) for guidance
    in crafting the appropriate ritual and talisman for you. Once the ritual is designed, I will gather the supplies and
    craft the talisman. This is a talisman that you will keep as a focal point of your intention. It is a way to keep
    feeding the goal, even after the ritual is done.
  5. I will then perform the ritual on the appropriate day and time. I like to work with planetary influences for both 
    days and times (as well as moon phases and signs) whenever possible. This is where you’ll need a little patience,
    as it may be a few days to a couple of weeks before the right day and time arrives. (If you need the work done 
    FAST, please let me know when you order. We can shift some things around, if needed.)
  6. I’ll document the whole process, sending you my notes and a picture of the altar via email and the talisman via 
    the postal service.
  7. I’ll also post a picture of your [anonymous] working on Instagram. (My username is bladeandbroom, if you’d like
    to follow me!) This may sound odd, but it will “boost the signal” on your working. Each person that sees the pic
    will add a little energy to your goals. Your information will stay confidential, of course. I will only mention it by
    ritual type.
  8. The notes I send you will include anything you need to do to claim or finalize the magic. As I said above, if it is
    your working, you need to do something for it.
$100.00 This service is usually completed to ship in 2-14 days.

Type of Ritual Desired:


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