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Red Thread Academy

Red Thread binder
  1. Full, online interactive course with monthly mentoring and printed course materials ($500-US investment per course)
  2. PDF instant download of course manual ($75-US investment per course) -- Doesn't come with additional support
Do you feel drawn to Traditional Witchcraft -- something different from the ceremonial neo-Wicca you have seen online and at local gatherings? Have you gotten a glimpse of the Crooked Path blogs and authors like Raise the Horns, Robin Artisson, American Folkloric Witchcraft, New World Witchery, and Sarah Anne Lawless, but you'd like a teacher to help you bring the different pieces together in a way that makes sense for you? Do you crave the kinship of like minds and the direction of a knowledgeable guide as you find your own way between the Light and Shadow of the Witchwood? Do you feel the call of Initiation at the hands of the Mighty Ones? The Red Thread Academy of Traditional Witchcraft may be what you seek.

Your Mentor and Guide
I am Laurelei Black, co-founder of the American Folkloric Witchcraft Tradition and author. After years of working solely with students in person, I have decided to open a path to online study for the seekers who have come to me asking for a deep-dive exploration of Traditional Witchcraft. The Red Thread Academy is the online school where truly dedicated Cunning Men and Women can learn these Artes.

Q: How long will it a student take to complete Course 1: Foundations?
This first course will take the student from Dedicant to First Degree. It is intended to last *at least* one year, though it could take a student longer than a year to complete. The course material is very rigorous -- a fact for which I make absolutely no apologies. Anyone drawn to this path may already have knowledge and skill, but if you are here, you are seeking TRAINING -- and perhaps INITIATION. Neither of those comes easily or without cost. There is no magic without sacrifice. Some lessons will come easily to you. Others will be very challenging. If you find yourself spurred on by this challenge, excited and intrigued by it, ready to grasp it and prove yourself ready for it, then you are very likely feeling the pull of the Red Thread -- the blood tie that links you to the Family of the Old Craft.

Q: What is included in the $500 (US) course fee? 
This course is actually valued at about $1200, but I offer it at a substatial discount because I want to share with those who are called to study and learn with me. It includes:
* Complete digital collection of weekly study notes and assignment guides. (This comprises 354 pages of the 501 page PDF file you will receive. It is RICH with information, activities, rituals, and resources.)
* Related Book of Shadows pages from Asteria Books (as sold at Blade & Broom Botanica) to add to your personal Book of Shadows. (The rest of the collection is the equivalent to the Basic BoS sold in the Blade & Broom Etsy shop, though several of the pages are exclusive to RTA students.)
* Personalized feedback and mentoring on all assignments, projects, and exams by Laurelei
* Access to RTA membership sites throughout duration of study (Mastery students are given lifetime access) -- additional content, member forums, private Facebook group, videos, merchant discounts, freebies, etc.
* Detailed self-initiation rituals at the end of the course (along with more BoS pages related to Initiation recipes, ritual, vows, etc)
* Printable certificate upon course completion

Q: If I choose the $75 option, what is included?
You'll receive complete digital study guide and the BoS pages that accompany it. That's a 501-page PDF file that is 60% course manual and 40% BoS. It's pretty awesome, really. But you won't get me providing feedback and answering questions -- or the bonus content, cameraderie of fellow students, etc. In this way, it becomes a "Self-Guided Course."

Q: Can I get the course guide printed out, like the one in the picture?
Yes! When you order (the full or digital-only version), let me know you want a  "Printed Guide" and I'll set up a custom listing/invoice for a complete collection of weekly study notes/assignment guides and BOS pages, meticulously organized in a red 2" 3-ring binder with 15 divider tabs. There is room to add your work behind each assignment or project description. Shipping included. ($120 investment). And you'll still get the PDF file, so you can start on the course while you're waiting for your book to arrive, if you like. PLEASE NOTE -- Unless otherwise specified, the course guide in the pictures above is delivered in a digital PDF format (no binder or divider tabs) when you purchase online. 

Q: What are the aims/goals of the course?
The course is organized around the following learning objectives:
* Know yourself.
* Understand the Cosmology of the Craft.
* Celebrate the Sabbats in a ritual setting.
* Work with Lunar Magic in all phases on the Moon's cycle.
* Understand the Laws of Magic and use them to perform various types of spells (candle, ladder, amulet).
* Collect, cleanse, consecrate, and use some basic Trad Craft tools (oath stone, stang, cauldron, blades)
* Use full knowledge of ritual construction to plan, write, perform, and debrief a private or public ritual.
* Prove proficiency in 4 forms of divination (scrying and 3 of your choosing).
* Practice safe and effective energy work principles.
* Practice responsible and meaningful Spirit work.
* Be knowledgeable in Craft lore and history.
* Initiate into the Mysteries of the Craft.

Q: What if I change my mind after I purchase the course?
The Course Guide is a digital download from Etsy, but this listing is for a full year-long (minimum) course with Laurelei Black. Please read the full listing description before purchase and contact Laurelei with any questions before committing to the course. There are no refunds once the PDF has been downloaded.

Q: Where can I learn more about the type of Craft being taught here?
Red Thread is very much rooted in American Folkloric Witchcraft. Start there. If what you find there doesn't resonate with you, this is not the right path of study for you.

Q: How many students do you take on at once?
I intentionally limit the number of students to very few. I can only handle so many students at a time in an ethical way. If you are feeling the pull to enroll, I encourage you to consult your Spirits, your divination tools, your deep Self, your partner, or whatever advisers seem right to you and then make your decision. I am very much hoping that the right students will find me, as this is work that feeds my Soul, and it is a joy and privilege to share the Craft with the Family.

Q: Is there an enrollment period or deadline?
For now, this is an OPEN ENROLLMENT course, due to its self-paced nature. Three students can start at Samhain, two more at Yule, another at Imbolc, etc. That's fine. We all meet on the Crooked Path coming from different experience levels anyway. So we don't need to be lock-stepped in our progression through the curriculum. You'll have access to the group and can chat with others, but there will never be the sense of "falling behind the class."

Q: Do you offer discounts to students in the shop?
I sure do!
* Discounts on all reading and additional coaching services with Laurelei Black (25-75% off)
* Discounts on BoS pages, novena printables, and books at Blade & Broom Botanica (25% off)

Q: Is there ever an opportunity to meet or work together in person/1-on-1?
I' a speaker at festival and events on a regular basis, and I would love to see you there! Also because I know how meaningful and potent REAL WORLD CONTACT is for Witches, I want my online students to know that I am available for these additional course options, by arrangement:
  • Initiation Weekend -- An intensive 3-day, 2-night initiatory experience with Laurelei (and initiatory team, as appropriate) that includes personalized coaching, readings, meals, vacation-style cabin rental (in either Brown County, IN or Kentucky Lakes area), full initiation ritual, celebratory feast, initiatory cords and regalia, and lineage binder. (Pricing info included in student course guide, or contact Laurelei for more details.)
  • 1 Year of Private Coaching -- 13 monthly 60-minute coaching sessions conducted via Skype (or similar service). These sessions are a great way to tackle areas of challenge in both your personal life and magical practice. They will help you dive deeper into the material and have a great depth and breadth of understanding. This coaching experience is entirely customized to your needs, goals, concerns, and achievements. (Pricing info included in student course guide, or contact Laurelei for more details.)

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