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All of the Amazon links (and some of the others) are "affiliates." If you don't know already, that means I potentially get some type of compensation if you buy something after following the link. (A few of the links here are just Makers that I admire, and I want you to know they are an option. I don't get anything from sales other than joy.)

Laurelei's Favorite Tarot & Oracle Decks

thoth tarotUnderstanding the Thoth tarot
Enchanted TarotOracle of the Hidden Realms
Celtic Tree OracleDruid Animal Oracle
New Orleans Voodoo TarotArchetype Cards
Goddess OracleGoddess Tarot
Rebel deckDruidcraft Tarot

Universal Waite deckUltimate Guide to Tarot book

Futhark, Ogham & Runic Systems

Rune set with midgard serpentrune set on oak

Futhark by Edred Thorson bookTaking up the Runes book

Stone, Bone, Shell & Lot Casting
Bones, stones, and curiosThrowing the Bones

Pocket Osteomancy

Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls bookscrying bowl

quartz crystal balllabradorite sphere

black mirror for scryingmirror stand

Astrology, Talking Boards, Pendulums

Astrology in Theory and Practiceouija talking board

Pendulum Instruction Chart BookPendulum mat
Pendulum stand

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