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Coaching and Teaching with Laurelei

I offer several opportunities for learning and personal development, many of which are ultimately customizable to your specific needs and personal goals.

Red Thread AcademyRed Thread Academy ~ School of Traditional Witchcraft

Course 1: Foundations - Now Available in two exciting formats!

A complete three-degree system of online courses for the Traditional Witchcraft student, taught by Laurelei Black.
1-on-1 Monthly Coaching, Mentoring, or Teaching

Are you looking for a Craft teacher to help you with your goals? Someone who will help you unlock your potential and act as a guide and mentor along the Crooked Path? Check out this in-depth FAQ and then book a free 15-minute consultation with Laurelei to see if she is the teacher you have been seeking.
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Want a free option that you can take at your own pace? Our blog will be growing with information related to Traditional Witchcraft, sorcery, conjure, and more.

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