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Novena (Pillar Jar) Candle Labels

Available as PDF's from Blade & Broom on Etsy

Just Print & Paste (or tape) to Your Glass Jar
aphroditecash and coinghost whispererGTFO
hale and wholebe still
Baby MineDomina - women's control
Heart's ease - peaceBless This House
All is Fair - justiceLost and Found
Wish Me LuckMagic Mama and Magic Man
Mirror Mirror -- beautyWatch Over Me - protection
Travelin Jones -- safe travelAzazel


Just Kweenin
Haus of Hoodoo
Tamed Wild

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emergency candlestea light candles
candle trayflameless candle pillars
oil lampoil for lamps
canning jar oil lamp kitbottle oil lamp kit
wick care setsnuffer for bottle lamps and torches


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