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This page features work that is produced by Asteria Books, as well as recommendations for Traditional Craft reading resources by other publishers. This page features affiliate links, which are a form of advertising that allows this shop to receive some compensation from qualified sales.

Book of Shadows

by Laurelei Black
Our BoS pages are one of our most popular offerings. We have over 600 pages in our collection, and we are writing and designing new ones all the time. Buy them individually or in groupings.

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The Witches' Key to the Legion: A Guide to Solomonic Sorcery

by Laurelei Black

This book is the first to address Witches in regard to the Legion, and it is unique in its admonition of the spirit torture that has been the hallmark of previous editions. On these pages, you will not find tedious conjurations designed to threaten and bully spirits into cooperation. Instead, you will find a reasonable, direct approach to working with the 72 spirits of the Legion.

Liber Qayin

by Laurelei & Natalie Black

This prophetic work is channeled from the Witch Father, Tubal-Qayin, and the Witch Mother, who is both Lilith and Ishtar. Hear now the Gospel of Qayin, the wisdom he brings to all Witches in this New Aeon.

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To Call Ye Forth (Witches' Rune, book 1)

by Delilah Temple

Summoning a long-dead Witch King to be a real-world lover and protector was easy for Rose and her covenmates. Overcoming a murderous dark coven while dodging a fanatical minister and his rabid congregation may present more of a challenge.

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Recommended Reading for Students of the Craft

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Masks of MisrulePillars of Tubal Cain     Treading the Mill
Traditional WitchcraftThe Crooked Path     Liber Nox
Six WaysCunning Folk     Besom, Stang, and Sword
Witching Way of Hollow HillResurrection of the Meadow     Devil's Forest
Mastering WitchcraftWitchcraft Medicine     Grimoire of the Thorne Blooded Witch
Southern CunningWeave the Liminal     he Black Toad


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