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I definitely recommend making whatever tools you can and buying handmade whenever possible. Knowing that not everyone is "handy" or "crafty" in the same ways, I offer these recommendations to get you started in your search for the tools that will suit your needs.

Affiliate Disclaimer

All of the Amazon links (and some of the others) are "affiliates." If you don't know already, that means I potentially get some type of compensation if you buy something after following the link. (A few of the links here are just Makers that I admire, and I want you to know they are an option. I don't get anything from those sales other than joy.)
Small wall cabinet for altar or shrineTree of Life table for shrine or altar
3 tier wood and metal shelfPine around for altar, paten, pentacle, or targe
incense burnerstick incense burner
copper bowl for offerings, housle, red mealstainless coup
Acacia bowl for offerings, red meal, houslepewter quaich
cauldron 6 quartscast iron cauldron 1 pint
Windlass Medieval Sword replicas medieval sword

Celtic pocket knifeDamascus dagger with walnut handle
quartz crystal skull55 lb anvil
Mini anvilAnvil flat jewelers
metalsmithing hammergolden lanter
stone bowlGlass Orb

MakersTroll Cunning Forge
Her Eternal Ceremonial Knives
Inked Goddess Creations subscription box
John Birkel - art prints
Poison Apple Printshop


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