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Gallery of Projects

hand embroidered linen robe This is a beautiful custom ordered robe. The client wanted natural linen for our Irish leine-style robe. A leine is a traditional Irish shirt. It is long (to the knees, usually), but for ritual robes, I make them ankle-length and add a hood. This natural-colored linen looks beautiful with the autumnal floral trim and hand-embroidered triple moon symbol. (I have an embroidery machine, but I prefer to hand-embroider robes and cloaks.)
linen leine with trim   This is another custom leine, this time in a lovely, chocolatey brown.  The gold and black trim used on this robe is GOREGOUS!

For this picture, I left one sleeve ungathered to show the length of the sleeves. Both sleeves of my leines have adjustable drawstrings. Make them as short or as long as you like!
jedi style robeFor this custom robe order, the client wanted a set of robes that echoed the comfort of martial arts attire. We ended up designing something quite spectacular. (All of the fabric was white brushed denim in a nice heavy weight. It was lovely to feel and see!) This is a three piece set -- inner robe, outer robe, and belt.

The inner robe is actually based on a Jedi pattern. It has inside and outside ties at the waist.

The outer robe is sleeveless, so that the inner robe's arms could slide through easily.

The client wasn't sure if he wanted the hood on the inner or outer robe, so I outfitted both with snaps. He could snap the hood onto either piece -- or detach it completely and go hoodless.

The belt is a Japanese-style obi.
wizard style robe and cloak    This robe and cloak set is unusual for me in that it was purely for costume. The client wore this frankly magificent ensemble (along with a felted hat, long pipe, and amazing staff) to DragonCon.

The cloak in this picture is made of a wool suiting with a full cotton lining.

Among  the cool parts of this custom order are the four hidden pockets that I built into the cloak's lining. One was designed to hold a 16"-long pipe! (The others were for keys, wallet, etc.)
purple gawazee coatThis purple gawazee coat is one of my favorite garments. (I have another one in a blue satin jacqaurd with silver dragons.)

I modified this one from a bellydance pattern, but I wear it in my every day life for a dramatic touch.

I particularly love the keyhole neck!



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