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About Blade and Broom




At Blade and Broom, I believe that magic is the work of the Witch -- the wise or "cunning" wo/man who acts as healer, psychic, teacher, and guide to the community. The worlds of the Seen and Unseen touch and blend in ways that the Witch understands and can help her family, friends, and clients navigate.

My products and services are all aimed at helping you claim the life you desire.

This shop is dedicated to providing you with the tools and supplies to perform your own magic. If you are seeking a Village Witch to perform a working on your behalf,  I offer readings, coaching, teaching, and full ritual services here.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All text and images in the listings in this shop, as well as the PDF printables, novels, course-guides, candle labels, and other published work sold herein, are protected under the copyright of Asteria Projects, the parent company of Blade & Broom and Asteria Publishing. No part of the these listings or printables may be copied, reproduced, transmitted, or sold without the express written permission of Laurelei Black, sole proprietor of Asteria Projects. All PDF printables, novels, course-guides, candle labels, and other published work are being sold here for personal use only and may not be reproduced or retransmitted without permission of Asteria Projects. Contact Laurelei at to discuss collaborations and licensing opportunities -- or send a convo via Etsy.


About Blade and Broom


Blade & Broom Botanica is owned and operated by Laurelei Black who has been practicing witchcraft for twenty years. She is the co-founder of the American Folkloric Witchcraft Tradition with her ex-wife, Natalie.

Laurelei first created Blade & Broom's Etsy shop in 2008 as a fundraising opportunity for her coven, Dragon's Eye Coven (which disbanded shortly thereafter without a single item being listed in the shop). The Etsy storefront sat empty until 2011, when Laurelei was inspired to share her Craeft creations with the world. Blade & Broom's sales and global reach have doubled every year since then. 

Laurelei has always been the primary proprietress behind the botanica -- formulating the incenses and potions, sewing robes and poppets, maintaining the website and Etsy shop, and filling orders as they come in. Laurelei is the author of 13 books and is a certified Master Herbalist. 

These days, Laurelei's children sometimes help her with label design, product packaging, and even making some of the items for sale. Witchcraft is a family business!





At this time, we accept PayPal.


All physical items ship via USPS Priority 2-day Mail. 

Combined shipping can sometimes be tricky to calculate ahead of time. The shipping costs reflected in your total *may* be higher than needed, in which case, I will send you a refund. Please bear in mind that shipping costs are meant to reflect postage, shipping container, and packing material. (We often use recycled boxes with shredded paper as padding in order to lessen our financial and environmental impact. It's our way of keeping your costs low and our Earth happy.)

International clients will need to contact me directly for a shipping quote.

At this time, all PDF books, course-guides,  BOS pages, and other printables are delivered electronically via Etsy's download manager (unless otherwise noted). If you are having trouble accessing your file(s), please contact Etsy for assistance. Your views in these systems are very different from mine, so it is difficult for me to troubleshoot problems with the download process. (Of course, if it is an issue of the wrong file coming through the download, that was my error. Contact me, and I will email you the correct file.)


Refunds and Exchanges

PHYSICAL ITEMS -- We cannot accommodate refunds on custom items or energetic services. This policy includes all poppets, robes, readings, and rituals. These items are made specifically for you at the time of purchase. All other items can be returned to us for a full refund within 5 days of receipt by Buyer.

DOWNLOADS -- You can receive a refund at any time before we have emailed your PDF. After downloading, if you are dissatisfied with the purchase, please contact us via email to arrange a partial or full refund within 5 days of download.

 To contact Blade & Broom Botanica, email Laurelei

Additional Policies and FAQs

BOOKS -- Want to see something special in print? Contact us via convo -- or submit a proposal to us at

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